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Project Genesis 2.0

It came to me back in March 2020. After a month later, when the world was unexpectedly abducted by quarantine, orders came through from the government. At least that's how It felt. I finally found myself not rushing through things as usual. Bad habits! The city streets were quiet as I remember. I was able to lay on my back, rest my head over a comfy pillow while trying to review and synchronized with the past, present, and future. I took a deep breath, then a deeper breath in a slow, repetitive motion three times before I canceled out all the noises as I go straight to a peaceful blink state of mind. I kept calm and steady breathing.

Suddenly my mind shoots forward like Professor X when he put on the helmet he uses to detect mutants all over the world. I knew I wanted a new begging, so I held on to that as a guide. Soon! I was able to play around with clothing items in a designing process onto a bright widescreen. I got one and two so far! Then three. I felt excited as the collection name also came to be flying through my ears like a wind. Surprisingly I heard a trailer honk from far away. And it gets louder and louder as it gets closer.

I was frightened and started to lose focus while searching in the dark surroundings. The honks suddenly get louder, and it feels like it is just a couple of feet away. It becomes dark when my screen turned off, so I creamed as much as possible before I woke up viciously, still frightened while inhaling air through my mouth. Next, I heard the trailer pass by my window with its loud honk. So I dropped my head back to the pillow, and I suddenly felt the promise of relief. As I gained my thoughts around, my quick journey resurfaced. It started to drift away quickly, so I rushed, grabbed a pain, drew one look, and then two out of three. Until today I can never remember the third look. My name is Boujoly Roosevelt Boucard, and this is the project Genesis 2.0 collection.